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Sep 8, 2023

Children's enthusiasm for "playing house" is believed to be experienced by many parents. This role-playing game that imitates adults almost runs through most of the children's preschool game time. Through imagination, children creatively imitate real-life activities, acting as "chefs", "doctors", and "sales clerks" and enjoy the addiction of "being adults".

Generally speaking, children will begin to exhibit pretending behavior when they are 18-24 months old. As they are exposed to more and more external worlds, they will be particularly keen on such role-playing games when they are 3-5 years old. This is not a boring little trick to pass the time, it can be a good way to help children develop various abilities:


The significance of "playing house" games to children

1.Stimulate the development of children’s creativity

In pretend play, babies need to change situations and replace things with things; at the same time, they need to use actions, language, etc. to promote the development of the plot. Therefore, role-playing games are very helpful for children's creativity in language, body, organization, etc.

2.Promote children’s social development

In games, children need to imitate the behaviors and characteristics of characters in social life and reproduce real interpersonal interactions in society. Their self-centered psychological characteristics will gradually weaken, which is beneficial to the social development of babies.

3.Improve children’s interpersonal intelligence

To start the game, children usually need to negotiate with their partners on how to allocate roles and props; plot changes occur during the process, requiring communication and cooperation; adhering to rights, expressing ideas, and controlling words and deeds. These interpersonal skills will be greatly improved.

4.Conducive to the formation of good qualities in children

Role-playing games can let children learn to "empathize". In the game, children feel the positions and ideas of different roles through playing and fully experience the fun of caring for and helping others.

Among the "play house" themed toys, the kitchen category has always been popular! Usually watching mom and dad make delicious meals in the kitchen, the babies’ hands are “itchy”!

Kitchen play house set

This mini kitchen is fully equipped with complete accessories, including a complete cooking table, refrigerator, oven, sink, shelves, etc., which enhances the authenticity of the game and allows children to immerse themselves in it. It is almost a very complete mini kitchen.


One basket gourmet set

Use the vegetable basket with a snap lid to store it in one basket, which contains cutting boards, plastic knives, plastic food, and other accessories. The size is suitable for little hands, the details are realistic, and the compatibility is strong, allowing children to fully use their imagination.

Kitchen sink set

The product is equipped with an electric faucet, automatic water circulation, sound, and light effects, and is equipped with simulated tableware, kitchen utensils, removable drain racks, etc., allowing children to develop good hygiene and cleaning habits in the game.


Elegant tea break set

With the theme of decorating DIY cakes and desserts, with bright colors and exquisite shapes, it is the best gift for girls over 3 years old. Holding a tea party with relatives and friends will help develop cognitive, social, and fine motor skills.

Children's simulated barbecue box

The biggest feature of this product is its sound and light effects. Use lights to simulate barbecue flames, and add liquid to simulate smoke during the barbecue, but the temperature is not high, it will not burn players, and it is safe and reliable. In addition, the button can be rotated, and it is equipped with a clip to hold food, which can exercise children's fine motor ability.

Super popular play house kitchen toys for children, cultivate good hands-on habits from childhood! Among all the play house toys, the kitchen series is very popular with children. I am usually busy cooking in the kitchen, and my child insists on touching and looking around, and the child learns it without knowing it.


Children's love for kitchen toys is not only reflected in life but also games. Who didn't play the role of mom and dad cooking for their children in their childhood?

This is the C position among play house toys! Who can resist a set of replica children's kitchenware?

Children's kitchen utensils play an important role in playing house because they allow children to imitate the experience of adult cooking and develop creativity and imagination. These toys often include mini kitchen equipment, simulated food, and cooking utensils, allowing children to safely simulate cooking and acting as "chefs."


These children's kitchenware not only helps develop children's social skills but also teaches them some basic cooking concepts and food knowledge. In addition, they can also stimulate children's interest in healthy eating and encourage them to develop good eating habits as they grow up.


Children's kitchenware is indeed the C-position toy in the house game, because it provides children with the opportunity to get close to cooking and food, while also enhancing their creativity and cooperative spirit. These toys are one of the classic toys that many children loved as children.


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