Hairgems and blinger for girl toys

Aug 24, 2022


Hairgems and blinger for girl toys

The hashtag #hairrelated with #hair and #blinger has now gained many views. 

This thing is so interesting. In addition to the hair stick rig, there were also popular hair braiders in the past, and all children's toys turned into adult dress-up artifacts.

"Hair sticker drilling rig" is very easy to use, even if the hand is handicapped at level 10. With a single click, it can realize the freedom of hot girls' hairstyles, stand firmly, and be easily removed. So don't worry about whether it is a Seasonal item. Lightweight also has advantages in transportation.

In addition to selling this product alone, it can be sold as a combination with a hair braider. Other children's toys, such as "children's nail machine," can also be used as a reference.

Ultimate Set, Glam Collection, Comes with Glam Styling Tool & 180 Gems - Load, Click, Bling! Hair, Fashion, Anything

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