Reusable water balloons #goodfortheplanet

Aug 10, 2022

Water balloons have always been the star of toys, and many families favor them in outdoor swimming pools. Water balloons are an indispensable toy in pool parties and a carnival artifact for outdoor water fights in the hot summer.

The new "silicone water polo" has been liked by many netizens. 

This reusable water balloon is a water polo that also fills much faster than regular water polo. It is made of silicone material, which is very environmentally friendly.

Water polo is very popular; everyone likes to buy multiple reusable water polo, share videos of water fights, and share joy.

 It's a hot summer pool party toy right now.

Water polo is an indispensable part of swimming pool toys. Dozens or hundreds of water polo are used in each water polo battle. This silicone water polo can be reused to reduce environmental pollution and other problems.

They could be used as a bath, pool, and summer toys.

And it is good for the environment.

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