Quality Control

International Regulations on Toy Export & Import

Every year, as new research comes to light about the health impact of various substances used in the production of toys, the list of banned and restricted substances keeps growing. As a result, getting to know what certifications are needed for your market and getting them right is essential in the toy export & import business.

At Focusgood, we are familiar with regulations for most countries and we work with prestigious laboratories to test our toys and ensure adherence to specific requirements. Our usual tests in labs include:


  • Sharp point and sharp edge verification

  • Pull test on small parts

  • Pull test on seams

  • Stuff checking for the plush toy

  • Metal detection test

  • Small parts verification

  • Workmanship check

  • Function/performance of product

  • Working distance check for remote control toys

  • Frequency check for electronic toys

  • Humidity test for the wooden toys


Typical Certifications for Toy Industry


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