2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car
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2 Channel Cartoon RC Race Car

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Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children for 18 months

Sleek wheels and a cool design make for a lightning fast and fun toy. Watch your child race along with it to see who is faster! Great for toddlers and children 18 months and up.

Honking Sounds, Music and Flashing Headlights. Light and sound effects can be initiated by pressing the button on the remote-control car for a stimulating experience.

The race car comes with 1 removable driver figurines that your kid can put in the driver's seat or play with on its own for even more imaginative excitement during playtime.

2 Channel remote control for forward and reverse left. Designed as a child's first remote control toy, this cartoon car comes with a steering wheel shaped RC controller with only 2 buttons for easy simplistic control.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ava Martinez
Fun for the whole family

This RC race car is a hit with my entire family. My son loves driving it around and playing, and my husband and I have fun racing it against each other.

Olivia Garcia
Fun toy for toddlers

Bought this for my 2-year-old nephew and he loves it!

Ethan Wilson
Great for imaginative play

My son loves using this RC police car to act out his own police chases and scenarios.

Sophia Chen
Hours of fun

My 3-year-old son loves this RC race car. He enjoys driving it around the house and playing.

Jessica Lee
Awesome toy

This RC police car is the perfect gift. The car is easy to control and the action figure adds an extra element of fun. My son loves playing with it and I love watching him have fun.

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