Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids
Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids
Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids
Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids
Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids
Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids
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Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids

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Construction Vehicles Toys Set for Kids With Cement Truck,Road Roller, Alloy Construction Toys

1.Just link the head of the truck with the cargo compartment, then you can get a large car transporter.
2.Open the rear slide of the truck, put on the construction vehicle, press the button, the vehicle will fly out.
3.Made of selected high-quality metal alloys and ABS plastic, with rounded and smooth edges, no sharp corners or small parts.
4.High tower crane cable can be stretched, slid and lifted.
5.The components of the construction vehicle are flexible and movable.
6.All vehicles use the pull back function to propel the construction vehicles.
Rich construction toys, including multi-function transport large trucks, forklifts, bulldozers, road rollers, excavator, cement truck, dump truck, high tower crane, construction signs, cones and road blocks, etc. Satisfy little engineers to create more game fun.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Zhang
Realistic vehicles

The vehicles in this toy set look and feel very realistic. My son loves playing with them and pretending to be a construction worker. It's a great way to encourage imaginative play.

Jason Lee
Good value for money

This toy set is a good value for money. Keep young kids entertained for hours.

Rachel Kim
Great toy for imaginative play

This toy set is perfect for imaginative play. My son loves pretending to build and construct things with the vehicles and crane. It's a great way to encourage his creativity.

Alex Chen
So much fun!

My son absolutely loves this toy set. The vehicles are easy to use and the crane is a great addition. It's been providing hours of fun and entertainment.

Emily Wang
Sturdy and well-made

This toy set is very sturdy and well-made. The vehicles are made of high-quality alloy material and the crane is very durable. It's a great investment for any young builder.

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