Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy
Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy
Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy
Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy
Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy
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Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy

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@focusgoodtoy Mouse trap game toy #toy #game #funny ♬ original sound - Focusgood


Mouse Trap Game Toy ,Fun Reaction Mousetrap Game Toy,Fun and Exciting Kids' Game

Upgraded Mouse Trap Gameplay: For stimulating children's desire to challenge, this is best gift for your children to play game at home, create family atmosphere and keep father son relationship, give children a funny childhood;

Fun and Exciting Kids' Game: When parents busy on work, it is a fun and exciting reaction operation game for kids to develop their brain, take it out when your kids have friends over for play dates; Good for summer camping;

3 Difficult Challenge Level: This trap game designed with 3 difficult level, start from younger child, with difficult level increased, who got most cheese cards, then he/she is winner; Of course all cheese cards could assemble completely, he/she got one point coins;

Don't Get Trapped: Try to be th last uncaptured mouse on this Mouse Trap Game to win, otherwise all cards you win have to send back and be other kids' turn;

Game For 2-3 Players: This fun trap game is for 2 to 3 players. It is great game for boys and girls ages 5 or up.

Customer Reviews

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Emily White
Great for babies who love to spin!

My 9-month-old daughter loves spinning this suction cup spinner toy around and watching the colors. It's a great toy for developing her hand-eye coordination and keeping.

Megan Clark
Perfect for my baby's high chair!

This suction cup spinner toy is a great addition to my baby's high chair. It keeps him entertained during meal times and helps him develop his fine motor skills.

Rachel Smith
So much fun for my baby!

My 8-month-old loves this spinner toy! The suction cups are really strong and keep it firmly in place on his high chair. It's great for keeping him entertained while I'm preparing his food.

Emily Brown
Great suction cup spinner toy!

This spinner toy is fantastic for my 12-month-old! The suction cups work really well and keep it securely in place on his high chair tray. It's also a great fidget toy for me to play with when I'm feeding him.

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