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Lava Lamp for Adults Kids, Color Changing Jellyfish Lava Lamps with 2 Jellyfish

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Product information

Item Weight1.06 pounds

Product Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 inches

Assembled Height5 inches

Assembled Length10 inches

Assembled Width:‎5 inches



Shade MaterialSilicone

Power Source:‎Battery Powered

Type of Bulb:‎LED


  1. Open the lids in turn, wash the inside with water to remove impurities, and then inject water, preferably distilled water or pure water (this can make the water tank less impurities and clearer the light)
  2. Put in the jellyfish and push them to the bottom of the tank with a stir stick
  3. Drop in an appropriate amount of dish soap (preferably transparent, otherwise the water will become cloudy. For all jellyfish lamps, the step of adding dish soap is a must, which will reduce the friction between the jellyfish and the water, swim more smoothly), wait a minute or so for the dish soap to dilute.
  4. If the jellyfish has attached bubbles, be sure to use a tool to help squeeze the bubbles out, otherwise the jellyfish will stay on the top.
  5. Insert the USB cable or put in the battery, turn on the switch to use. Or after injecting water, putting jellyfish and dripping dish soap, the jellyfish lamp is placed for about 4 hours, and it can be used after turning on.

Tips As long as the motor can work, it is not a problem of product quality that the jellyfish stays on the top of the water tank, but the method of use is wrong. You can try according to the above method.

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