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Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer for Sensory Toys, Fidget Toy, Calm Relaxing Desk Toys

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1.Each liquid timer contains two colors inside. Lasts Approximately 2 Minutes! Then Flip Over and Restart.

2.This liquid timer makes the perfect fidget toys, paperweight, office desk toy and even as classroom rewards.

3.This Floating Liquid Bubbler Timer has two bright colored drops that rain down slowly when flipped, almost like a lava lamp or hourglass sand timer, making them fun children activities kids toys.


This liquid motion bubbler is the perfect way to stimulate your visual senses when in need of a relaxing down time. Inside of each bubbler has a wide area that allows the liquid inside to bounce off each step for a more stimulating visual.

This slow and soothing motion brings about a sense of Calmness and Relaxation for its observers for both Adults and Children.

Made from Hard Sturdy Plastic through Injection Moulding, with Toxic-Free Mineral Oil and Water, providing a great way to take your mind off whatever may be causing you Stress!


Product size: 14*9*3


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