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Wooden Spiral Lollipop Stress Relif Toy Spinning Magic Wand Decompression Kit Fibonacci Sequence Toy

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Design Inspiration: In our daily life, some things are related to Fibonacci sequence (an interesting mathematical theme) and golden section ratio, especially some plants and animals in natures, and the design is inspired by it. With the design, the toy has a beautiful structure, and it has amazing transformation in front of your eyes.
Unique Visual Experience: The magic wand is painted with different colors, and it has a beautiful graduated effect when all the leaves gathers together, which brings you a comfortable visual experience.
Stress Relief Kit: The spiral lollipop can display multiple forms through spinning the stick, most important, the toy is portable can be put in any flat surfaces; Combined with the bright color effect, it relaxs your mind and eys.
Exquisite Craftmanship: The laser engraving craft is used to make sure each leaves has the same size, and all the leaves covered by safe and environmental-friendly water paint. In addition, the lollipop is polised, so the surface is so smooth without burrs.
Two Ways To Spin it: It comes with a base, you can insert the spiral lollipop into the base, then put it in desk, it can be spinned no matter whether the base is used or not. With the stylish appearance, it also can be an ornament for your desk or room.
Macaron-colored rotating rod, colored rotating rod, leaf rotating rod, 3 styles for you to choose

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