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Planet Mining Kit-Science Educational Toys,Children's Science Solar System Toys,Archaeological Toys

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Color box: 10*10*14cm

How to play with planet suit

  1. Put the planet clod into the water and soak it.
  2. Use excavating tools to dig out the planet's clods.
  3. Use a brush to clean the dust on the stone.
  4. Study planetary knowledge and geological knowledge.
  5. Collect eight planet badges to let children know more about planets.


Planet Mining Exploration Our planet mining kit is equipped with a large planet clod, which contains 5 different gem toys, and allows the use of 1 chisel and 1 brush,1 awl. Use this tool to dig out dirt blocks and remove the gems. And there is a gemstone manual, which contains information about each gemstone and a picture reference table to match the gemstone with the picture. It is really helpful for children's learning.


Fun and educational gift This planetary science project is usually fun and fascinating. This is a fun, hands-on way for children to learn paleontology. You don't know the exact location of the gems. Suddenly digging up the gems will make your child excited and happy. This is a good way to cultivate and improve their patience, concentration, and practical skills.

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