Puppy Teething Chew Toys
Puppy Teething Chew Toys
Puppy Teething Chew Toys
Puppy Teething Chew Toys
Puppy Teething Chew Toys
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Puppy Teething Chew Toys

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Dog Chew Toys - Corn Stick Tough Toys for Training and Cleaning Teeth, Squeaky Suction Cup Toothbrush Interactive Toy for Small Medium Dog

Puppy Teething Chew Toys: This chew toy suitable for aggressive chewers small medium breed, playing with this toy regularly will relive dog's anxiety when they are at home by themselves, it come make dogs cleaning teeth by themselves.

Effectively Clean Teeth: according to the features of dog's teeth, which can thoroughly clean dog's incisors, fangs and molars when playing the toy, calculus effectively, fully protecting dog's dental.

Squeaky Dog Toys: This product has a sound function, when the dog bites the toy, the toy will make a sound to attract the dog's attention, increase the dog's interest in playing with this product.

Suction Cup Dog Toy: the powerful suction cup design allows the product to be used in more positions, the product can be adsorbed on rough surfaces such as wooden floors, doors and windows, without affecting the suction power of the suction cup.

TPR Material: This product is made of Tough and bite resistant TPR material, which will not be deformed even if dog plays with it for a long time.

Customer Reviews

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Lucas Turner
Chewing Bliss

Chewing bliss for our teething pup. These toys are excellent for soothing his gums and playtime fun.

Olivia Brown
Pup's Favorite

These chew toys have quickly become our pup's favorites. They satisfy his teething needs perfectly.

Mia Anderson
Playful and Durable

The Puppy Teething Chew Toys are playful and durable. Our pup's energy gets channeled in a fun way.

Lily Martinez

These chew toys are paw-some and pup-approved. They keep our furry friend happy and occupied for hours.

Lucas Johnson
Teething Relief

These toys have provided much-needed teething relief for our puppy.

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