Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy
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Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy

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@focusgoodtoy Spinning turtle sprinkler toy #for ♬ A Time of Smile - Made Ariya


Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids and Toddlers - Backyard Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy w/Wiggle Tubes - Splashing Fun for Summer Days - Sprays Up to 8ft High - Attaches to Garden Hose

EXCITING, ENTERTAINING PLAY FOR ALL AGES - Twirls and Whirls do create as the water is released via the spinning back of the turtle as well as the attached wiggle tubes. Your kids will be mesmerized by the playful effect of the water as it spins and turns out of this garden kid's sprinklers for the yard.

SPLASHING AROUND SAFELY - Depending on the pressure of your water, the spray from this outdoor sprinkler for kids can reach a maximum of 8 ft. Divided among many outlets, the pressure of the water which comes out of both the tubes and the holes on the turtle's back is perfectly safe for your children and your pets.

A FANTASTIC GIFT - All kids aged 3+ will love to receive this fun and energetic, a fantastic game for outside activity. Outdoor water toys for kids have never been so exciting. This water sprinkler for kids is the perfect addition to your next birthday party or gathering of friends and family.

Customer Reviews

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William Davis
Sprinkler Joy

The Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy brings joy and laughter to our backyard!

Olivia Thompson
Wild Water Fun

It's like having a mini water park right in your backyard. The kids absolutely love it, and I can join in on the excitement too!

Matthew Wilson
Cool Water Adventures

It provides cool water adventures that keep the kids entertained for hours. Plus, it's a great way to cool off and stay active during the summer months.

Benjamin Cooper
Splish-Splash Delight

The Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy with Wiggle Tubes is a total blast! The kids can't get enough of the splish-splash delight. It keeps them entertained and refreshed during the scorching summer days.

Emily Adams
Fun in the Sun

The backyard has turned into a mini water park. My child and their friends have a blast under the sun, and I can enjoy some relaxation time.

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