Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
Whack A Mole Game with Hammer
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Whack A Mole Game with Hammer

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Kids Toys, Whack A Mole Game with Hammer,No Batteries Mini Whack A Duck Leverage

Leverage Principle Without Electricity- Game for kids is made of quality eco-friendly plastic, which is sturdy, wear-resistant, and durable. No need for batteries, using the principle of lever, when one of the ducklings is pressed down, the other duckling will rise.
Cute and Fun- The colors are bright and colorful, which can attract the attention of children and allow them to enjoy the fun of playing. Round edges in every corner and every target ball for even kids’ fingers to hit directly.
Improve Reaction Ability- When you hit one of the ducks, the other duck will get up right away. To train your child's reflexes, press down the duck's head with maximum speed. Count your hits in one minute, the reaction will get faster and faster, and the number of hits will increase!

Customer Reviews

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Emma Clark
Fun-Filled Afternoons

Fun-filled afternoons with this game! It's a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained and active.

Mia Turner
Reaction Challenge

The reaction challenge is real with this game! It's keeping my kids on their toes, and they love it.

Chloe White
Competitive Fun

Competitive fun at its best! The soccer and hockey showdowns get intense, and we love every moment.

Ava Turner
Hockey Showdown

Our living room has turned into a hockey showdown arena! This game is a blast for both kids and adults.

Mia Davis
Duck Whacking Delight

Whack a duck leverage? Yes, please! My kids' reaction abilities have improved, and they're loving it.

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